Stars Among The Angels

Preparing the Next Generation of TV & Film Professionals

Jon D. Fondy and Stars Among The Angels began a relationship at UNLV with the Rebel Media Group in 2018. The idea was incubated with the thought that the Professional Community could work well with the Educational Community by teaching students and integrating them into the commercial production world in the Las Vegas community.

The plan was designed to bring Mr. Fondy’s actual real time television production opportunities to the university to provide a platform that included income to the department, resume enhancement to the students, real-time television production collaboration and when the project was completed the students Stars Among The Angels would give the students a real-time paycheck.

Putting the mission into Action

In a very short time we began to see our mission take hold as it started with a 30 second commercial for the Plaza Hotel, called a Mob Story and quickly was followed up by an emotional 7 camera shoot at the Henderson Pavilion to honor the 58 citizens who lost their life on October One.

We were able to follow that project up with the movie premiere red carpet event called Bigger at the Mr. Olympia event, our second red carpet event was recently at the South Point Hotel for the motion picture premiere Becoming the Keys. One of our most popular programs is a video and audio podcast for the Vanessa Jackson show and post-production is being completed for the Henderson Cook-off a live Chef challenge for Last Friday’s in Henderson Nevada.

Moving into The Future

This initiative is already started heat up as several projects are currently in motion slated, a travel show, a stock market show, an entertainment show and several behind the scenes shows in association with the Las Vegas Strip.

The parent company, Stars Among the Angels has been in existence for 10 years with its tagline “where education meets entertainment”, also in association with the Las Vegas Television Network, The Rebel Media Group will gain exposure to over a 100 million subscribers and continue the relationship for years to come.

The Stars Among The Angles fund is managed by The Nevada Community Foundation.

The Nevada Community Foundation was incorporated in 1988 with its first endowment, established through a significant contribution from Moe Dalitz to support human service needs. Since that time, Nevada Community Foundation has helped hundreds of donors in Southern Nevada and beyond discover their charitable passion, fulfill their philanthropic dreams, and make a lasting impact in our community.

Currently, the Nevada Community Foundation houses more than 150 charitable funds with over $150 million in assets, and meets all national standards from the Council on Foundations.